Small Vein Sclerotherapy

Scleroterhapy For Spider Veins

How does the procedure work?

Sclerotherapy is a technique which was developed in the 1950s and 60s to treat spider veins. It evolved out of doctor’s experience with Compression Sclerotherapy, with which is shares many similarities. It involves the use of an extremely fine needle to inject a tiny amount of a dilute solution (sclerosant) directly into the spider veins. The solution causes the lining of the vein to swell, eventually sealing off the blood vessels and preventing blood flow. At Pacific Vein Care, we use polidocanol as our sclerosant of choice because it is painless and effective.

Prior to treatment, a complete medical history is taken and a thorough examination made in order to determine, among other things, how long the problem has existed, are there any ongoing causative factors, and if there are any associated symptoms. An ultrasound study may be indicated, especially if the spider veins are found in conjunction with larger varicose veins. If your spider veins are found in conjunction with varicose veins, and the valves in your greater saphenous vein are broken, a Radiofrequency Ablation System may be recommended before Sclerotherapy is undertaken.

If your spider veins are found in conjunction with varicose veins, then the larger varicose veins are usually treated first (using Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy). After the skin is thoroughly cleansed with alcohol, a small amount of sclerosing (hardening) solution is injected directly into the spider vein using a syringe with a very tiny needle. The vein immediately disappears, then returns in about 10-15 seconds and is actually MORE prominent than it was before treatment started. The irritated vein then fades away over a few weeks.

The solution displaces the blood within the vein, causing it to blanch or turn white. The solution then causes the vessel to become irritated and swell shut, prohibiting the blood from reentering the vein. The skin may be kneaded to help disperse the solution and reduce bruising. Each vein may require several injections and most disappear in a few weeks.

After your treatment, you are required to wear compression stockings for up to 14 days, and we may put a simple small band-aid over the injection site to protect your clothing. You then simply walk out of the office and immediately resume normal daily activities.

The Benefits and Expected Results

  • Gets rid of unsightly spider veins
  • Normalizes skin blood flow
  • No incisions, so no scars
  • Does not interfere with normal activities
  • Safe, virtually painless, in-office treatment
  • Walk-In to Walk-Out time is typically 30 minutes