“Back in 1985, I went for vein stripping surgery. Back then the surgery required a three day hospital stay, and at least a six week recovery. Needless to say, I have many scars today from that surgery.
Then in May 2010, I was introduced to PVC. They had me go in for a painless ultrasound and they found something and told me they could help me. Doctor Conti and Kathy made the experience extremely comfortable. With this procedure there is no scaring and no recovery time, and no pain. I was back to my normal activity the next day.
It has been almost three years now and it’s a whole new life for me. No more tired or throbbing legs like I was experiencing.
Thanks PVC!”
Pamela Janke, patient

“In my experience…
-Staff was welcoming, patient, accommodating, informative and fun to talk with.
-Dr. Conti was knowledgeable, patient, informative, precise and also fun to talk with.
Thank you for good memories. I am grateful for healing hands and hearts.”
Irene, patient

“I recently – April/May of 2012 – had VNUS procedures done on my right and left legs. Dr. Conti and his staff were superb in the diagnosis and treatment of my condition. The process was fully explained to me and were virtually pain free. There was some discomfort in the week or two after the procedures which were easily handled by over the counter pain medications. I was impressed with Dr. Conti’s knowledge and professionalism and would recommend anyone waiting to treat their varicose veins NOT to wait. The procedures were not hard to go through and the result was a tremendous relief.”
Wayne, patient

“For thirty Years I have put up with leg pain, throbbing and swelling due to varicose veins. At 63 years old, I made a choice to have Radiofrequency Ablation therapy and I am pleased to say my quality of life is back. I can now take long walks, exercise and stand for long period of time without discomfort. I recently purchased a pair of tall stylish boots and I can actually zip them up because I no longer suffer from edema.”
Barbara Hoffman, patient

“I had problems walking to my mail box when I went to Pacific Vein Care. Dr. Conti found I had vein reflux and artery problems in both of my legs. He did his normal vein procedure on one leg and a special procedure at the hospital on the other leg and corrected the artery problems at the same time. I am very happy with the results from the procedures done at Pacific Vein Care to correct both my veins and artery problems. I can walk to my mail box again and not have to stop and rest part way there.”
John Neumann, patient

“Thought about you in Hawaii. I couldn’t have enjoyed and walked on the beaches if I hadn’t had your skills on my veins. Thanks.”
Alice, patient